3D-ontwerp Siemens Hengelo in bewerking The preparation speed is increased significantly by using BIM and lean design. 

Summaries, element drawings, details, bill of quantities and assembly routing is integrally generated from one 3D model. The 3D design is also clearer to all parties, so tuning loss and failure costs are prevented.

The architect’s 3D model is exchanged as a IFC-file with the structural model. Construction information from ducts and HVAC is exchanged and processed in the same way, which contributes to supply chain integration. 

A vast library of smart solutions and intelligent parametric details is available, so the focus and creativity concentrates more on specific details and junctions of the project. Our drawing department uses the latest technologies and has more than 15 years experience with 3D models and more than 8 years experience with integrated lean design and BIM.