In the late seventies, Johan A. Bonink M Sc (Copreal Engineering) and Corsmit Raadgevend Ingenieurs (now RHDHV) developed a system for school construction.

With this Lego-like system it was possible to realize high-quality precast concrete frameworks in a very short time and against very low costs.

He patented the revolutionary system and introduced the very first modular prefab concrete installation system. In 1982, the CD20 system was awarded the Bouwwereld prize.
embleem bouwwereldonderscheiding

Hundreds of buildings with the CD20 system have been realized since then; schools, hospitals, commercial buildings, offices, laboratories, shopping centres, car parks, hotels, and it is now also suitable for houses and apartments.

Introduction CD20 Building System Polygoon Journaal 1980 from CD20-Bouwsystemen on Vimeo.